Pinterest-My New "Favorite Wedding Idea" Library!

I'm sure many of you have already heard of the site, Pinterest the virtual pinboard where you can "pin" and organize all of your favorite website posts about art, architecture, sports, music, your favorite recipes and your favorite wedding ideas! I have created a board specifically to "Favorite Wedding Ideas" where I not only post my favorite wedding ideas for a future wedding of my own, but also great ideas for other brides to refer to! Please check out by wedding board for ideas that be perfect for your wedding! Here are a few of my pins:

coral and turquoise-I LOVE!
I love this color combo of coral/pink with the aqua turquoise!

This will be Jackie some day...
Being that I own the cutest black pug ever, I will definitely be getting a few wedding photos with him!

something blue on a wedding dress
Something blue-embroidery the wedding date with blue thread inside of your wedding dress!

Do you or a relative of yours have a large button collection? Use them to hold your escort cards!

Serve Apple Cider at a Fall Wedding with this cute dispenser
Serve Apple Cider at your Fall wedding with this cute dispensers- be sure to include some cinnamon sticks and fresh apple slices!

In my opinion there is nothing more elegant than a bunch of soft white and ivory flowers with some drapes!

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