Honeymoon Registry

This summer, my family and I were invited to a friend's wedding and noticed on their invitation they had a link to where guests could pay for fun adventures for them to do on their honeymoon as a wedding gift. I thought it was an amazing idea!! Here are a few links and ideas of fun adventures for you to think of while planning your honeymoon!

Honeymoon Wishes is the top honeymoon registry website!  Couples register for which activities they would like to do for their honeymoon and the quantity of that item is known as "wished for." Couples search and select the specific location of their honeymoon and a list of activities is listed for each location. Once the couple has signed up for the website, Honeymoon Wishes provides them with a wedding website, announcements, a guest message board and the ability to post photos to a photo album where friends and family can print out the photos for free!!

Here are a few ideas from previous couples' registry:

Romantic Candlelight Dinner: The couple can choose a special restaurant with excellent cuisine, romantic and calming atmosphere to enjoy each other's company!

One Night Stay in the Honeymoon Suite: The couple can enjoy a night stay in the spacious, comfortable and romantic Honeymoon suite.

Strawberries and Champagne Welcome: Once the couple arrives to their destination, they will be welcomed with a bottle of champagne and juicy strawberries!!

Honeymoon Classic Champagne Tour: If the couple plans their honeymoon in France, this gift allows them to travel to the Champagne region to explore cellars, enjoy tasting and drinking champagne with a delightful lunch.

Plataforma Show: While in Brazil, the couple can be entertained with popular samba music, colorful costumes, Mulata dancers, and a traditional Brazilian cuisine.

Travelers Joy is another great honeymoon registry website for couples to create and design their own special registry page where they can share images, videos, gift photos and descriptions and traveling plans.

Maui Luau: If the couple plans on visiting the tropical islands of Hawaii, they can experience an amazing Luau filled with Polynesian food, dancing, music and entertainment!!

Swim with the Dolphins: A couple from New Zealand requested for an adventure of swimming in the warm ocean waters with wild dolphins!!

River Surfing: Another fun and daring activity is jumping into a wild river while surfing on a board through the rapids!!

Safari: What more could ask for while honeymooning in Africa beside a thrilling safari tour watching wild animals in their own territory!

Make sure to check out your local hotel, resort websites to see if they provide specialty honeymoon registry ideas and gifts!!!

Vintage Jewlery and Accessories

This year, when looking for your perfect accessories, look for old, unique, antique pieces of jewelry and accessories. A huge wedding trend that has continue to grow is the vintage look, as it makes a wedding more glamorous, elegant and romantic. A great way to find those unique pieces is to go to look through your mother's or grandmother's jewelry box. While looking over the jewelry, you are bound to hear more about your family history and stories of past family members. By using family pieces, you will bring something special, unique, personal and beautiful to your wedding. It is also a great way to save money! Don't forget to check out your local antique shops to find beautiful pieces.  Below are some pictures I found that I love!
Flowers on wedding dresses are a huge trend for 2011, therefore add more floral details with hair pieces like the ones above.  

Pearls are always elegant and timeless!

 Annabelle Bracelet Wedding Jewelry Flower Rose by EternalEden
These rose and bronze pieces add a soft touch of color.