Alternatives to the Wedding Cake

One of my favorite parts of a wedding has got to be the wedding cake, being that I am a huge cake fan! Although, there are couples who are not crazy about cake and would rather provide another option to serve for a dessert that they are going to enjoy! By serving something besides a traditional cake, the couple can add a personal and unique twist to their wedding. I thought I would do some research on alternative dessert options, as well as let myself become even more hungry! :)

Candy Buffet
I have been to quite a few weddings where a candy buffet is set up with the purpose of guest favors. Although, a candy buffet is a great way for everyone to satisfy their sweet tooth at the end of the night! For the family, it is very economical as well! You can also have a large variety of candies, ensuring that everyone's tastes are covered whether they are chocolate lovers or fruity lovers.

I love the letter shaped bowls!

You can choose candies that match the colors and theme of your wedding!

For those who are wanting a more rich dessert to serve, cheesecake is a great option! It still goes with a "cake" idea, just slightly different from a fluffy and spongy cake. There are a wide variety of flavors and colors to choose from!

Bakers have the capability of making them look like a traditional cake as well!

Also, there's the option of using bite size cheesecakes!

Nothing is truly better than a rich, dense, and gooey brownie!!! They are definitely one of my favorites. This summer I was the planner at a small wedding where the couple served brownies and ice cream as their dessert and I thought it was so cute!

Cinnamon Rolls
Anyone who has visited the Hood River area or has lived in Hood River, OR can testify that Bette's Place has got the BEST cinnamon rolls. They are giant, warm and gooey!!! So remember, those who are getting married in the Hood River area,  be sure to contact Bette's! Cinnamon rolls are another great alternative to the wedding cake!

Every family seems to have a favorite cookie recipe, which is a great way to add a personal touch to your dessert. Ask for you aunt's, grandma's, cousin's, best friend's and sister's best cookie recipes and create a cookie buffet for your guests to enjoy!

I love how the cookies are layered on wrapped boxes so it looks like a cake! :)

Culture Influences
Another great way to think of dessert options is for the bride and groom to look into their culture background and research which desserts are traditional to their heritage.

For example, cannolis are very popular in Italy!

Those from Mexico may choose Tres Leches...

Creme brulee is a very popular dessert in the United States, but has it roots in France!

I could go on and on about all the dessert options there are for a bride and groom to choose from, but just remember to be creative, be true to what you and your partner enjoy to eat and savor every bite on the big day!! 

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