8 Fun Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding!!

As many of you that know me, know that I am a HUGE animal lover, especially dog lover and would love to own 100 dogs! :)  I tend to consider my favorite boys (Jackson-a pug & Leon-a German Sheppard) to be own kids. For those of you that feel the same way about your pets, I have created a list of creative, fun and cute ways to include them in your wedding day! Now, remember this is for fun and adds humor to your wedding!!

1. Make them a part of the wedding party!
Some couples love their pets so much that they will make them the best man or maid of honor!! They can also be the flower girl or ring bearer by making either a collar out of flowers or tying a pillow around their necks. Make sure to check with your venue to see if animals are allowed. Also make sure to do a few trial runs of having your pet going through the ceremony so they get more comfortable with going down the aisle. It might be helpful to have a designated person to either take care of the pet during the ceremony or afterwards. If they tend to be a rambunctious animal, make sure they are able to play lots and lots before the ceremony so they aren't has hyper!


2. Make them a table number/name for your reception.
When trying to be creative and thinking of fun and personal touches to add to your wedding, use your pet names as a table name and add a picture of them!

3. Part of the Guestbook Signing
If you select a pre-made photo album for your guestbook, be sure to include images of you and your future spouse as well as your pets. You can include pictures with you and your pets pictures of your pets by themselves!

4. Thank You Cards
Use a picture of you and your pets from you wedding as a Thank You card! If you receive a gift that also benefits your pets, be sure to sign their names as well! :)

5. Cake Toppers
When designing your wedding cake, discuss the possibility with your cake baker of making a cake topper that resembles your pet. Many bakeries have the capabilities of using modeling chocolate to shape out the image of your pet. 

6. Slideshow Presentation
Many couples include a slideshow during the ceremony or reception that includes images of them growing up, when they first met, travels together, family events, etc. Be sure to place images of you and your pets in the slideshow to show them off!

7. Wedding Photos
If your pets are not able to be a part of the ceremony, another way to include them is to just have them come for the wedding photos. This way they will be able to be included in the photos you will carry forever and you won't have to worry about them running around during the day!

8. Name a food item or signature cocktail after you pet.
If you have some sort of food item that you think your pet would love (bacon, beef, chicken, fish or peanut butter items) be creative and think of a clever name that includes your pets name on the Menu. This adds another personal touch and a little sense of humor as well! It might be more difficult for guests to find the relation between your pet and a cocktail, but it still brings some fun!

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