Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

When it comes time to deciding on which floral arrangements to select for your wedding day, it can be overwhelming with the 1000's of varieties you can choose from! Here are a few tips and ideas to remember for the 2011 wedding season!!

1. Go for BOLD and contrasting colors. Many florists are saying more brides and grooms are coming in selecting bold, bright and unique colors rather than pastels for their floral arrangements to add a punch of color to their wedding. Use contrasting colors together to add some flare and fun to your wedding, like turquoise with bright orange, or magenta and bright greens,  or reds with blues. You can use the contrasting colors with just the flowers or use the contrasting colors against the bridesmaids dresses.

2. Add texture to your arrangements by using natural greenery and herbs as well as vegetables and fruit!
       Spring Wedding Flowers.jpg

3. Think loose, natural and organic. Another popular trend for wedding flowers are to use floral arrangements that look as though you found them in nature. This especially goes well with simple, backyard outdoor weddings. Find a family member or friend's garden and look for inspiration on how natural the flowers go together and choose your favorite combinations.

4. Simplicity. As the economy has tighten our wallets, the best way to still make a statement with floral arrangements is to use large single flowers such as peonies, sunflowers, calla lilies, etc. This is cost effective. simple and elegant.

5. Use different vases from flea markets or from family members and friends. This will give your wedding an eclectic look and add a more personal touch. Look for antique pitchers, old flower pots, tea pots, or use tea cups for smaller arrangements for cocktail and bar tables.

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