Add Sparkle to your Winter Wedding!!!

By planning your wedding in the North West, you will have a good chance of having snow on your winter wedding day. Since majority of winter weddings are placed indoors, you are limited on using nature as decorations and backdrops. Although, this is your opportunity to bring the fun, fresh and beautiful aspects of the snow indoors.



While playing and enjoying the fun winter weather, one is able to see the beautiful shimmer found within the snow. A way to bring this shimmer and shine to the indoors is to add glitter to almost any and all aspects of your wedding.

Escort Cards & Menus:
Print names in a fancy, elegant font in a silver, blue, or gold glitter ink. You can also use card-stock paper with shimmer already made within the paper. Also try using ivory or white colored feathers to add a softer feel to your paper items.




Or even make your escort cards in the shape of a snowflake! 


Cocktail Hour:
Find shimmery ivory or white cocktail napkins to give to your caterers to disperse while handing out your favorite hor d'oueves. Think of fun and creative drinks to where you use sugar; it tastes amazing and looks similar to snow...try this Blue Sky Martini!!


Request for your florist to use spray glitter that is friendly to plants and flowers. The light will pick up the light shimmer and add a sprinkle of glam to your photos.


Just like with your paper items, add ivory feathers to add the softness to your day.


Decoration to Tables:
Place glitter snowflakes and ornaments s to your guests tables, favor table and bar.


Another popular and cute idea in bringing the outdoors in, spray pine cones with fake snow and glitter. The pine cones add a true North West feeling to your wedding!! :)

You can choose to either just paint the pine cones with glitter....


Or spray the tips of the pine cones with the fake snow.....


To add height and drama to your tables, use branches and twigs painted with snow! This is another great way to add a North West touch to your wedding!!



With winter days, comes early dark nights... although, use it to your advantage by using plenty of candles all over your venue. The more candles, the better!!! The candle light will give a very romantic and warm feeling to your event. It will also add shimmer and sparkle to all of your photos!



Below is a photo of a table from a wedding where the bride requested for all the lights to be off so the only light was put off from all the candles within the ballroom! This wedding definitely had the romantic, soft and elegant feel.


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